About Us

Our company has been founded on 1992 to make production of spare parts for refrigeration industry and also for marketing these products. During the time our company has developed and extend our product range by following the developments of manufacturing technology and by following the needs of the refrigeration industry. Our company aim is to make production with the finest quality and to establish customer satisfaction at the first level. Due to these reasons we are making production according to European quality and safety regulations successfully. By that way all our products have a good market share, mainly in Europe and everywhere in the world. To establish a continuous customer satisfaction we as a whole with all our employees doing our best to establish total quality and continuous development. Also it is our aim to serve all our goods with competitive prices and on time deliveries to develop continuous customer satisfaction. We as GÖKÇELER SOĞUTMA, starting from founding the company up to today we do our best to supply our customers the right product, at the right time, with affordable price and with the best quality and we will continue this mission also for the  future. We are making production with ISO 9001:2015 quality system and according to 2014/68/EC European Communitey PED directives.

We are taking care of above mensioned issues to estanlish a continuous quality;

• To understand the exact customer needs with experienced staff

• Making production according to the catalogues everytime

• Making production with all certified materials according to the quality standarts

• Deep drawing and and forming processes are done under required tolerances

• All welding operations are all done with certified welders and operators

• Periodical control of weidings with radiographic welding shots

• Applying shot-blasting for cleaning and surface preparation prior to painting

• Curing the painting with a automated conveyour system

• The internal resudial checks are less than 0,003gr/lt which indusrty leader companies all accepts

• All intlet, outlet and other nozzles are protected against rust

• The label on the product defines all the required informations regarding the product

• The packaging of the product is enough to protect the goods to any defects during transportation.

Our standart products in our catalogue has 33 bars working pressure and they are proper for CFC, HCF, HCFC group refrigerants like R134a–R404a–R407c. We also have products with 46 bar, 60 bar, 90 bar and 130 bar working pressure which are proper for R410 and CO2 applications. Please contact with our company regarding  these products. You can find detailed price informations for the standart products in our catalogue. Also for any special needs we can also make production according to your designs and drawings. Please feel free to contact with us.